Mr. Howard Ball,

Altus Commercial Real Estate

I have known Howard Ball for over 11 years. I have had nothing but positive and honest dealings with him and his company. In My estimation, he is among the most qualified leasing agents I have ever dealt with, and I have been active in real estate for over 40 years. His knowledge of Real Estate and Property Operations is second to none. I manage my own properties otherwise Howard Ball would be my choice to manage. He knows what need to be done and what things should cost. You can’t go wrong with Altus as your Leasing and Property manager.



Larry Goetz

Mr. Howard Ball,

PAT, and I want to thank you for your quick response to the questions about Lucky’s acquiring some of Safeway’s Dominick’s. Lucky’s decided not to move forward at this time but instead concentrate more on Florida, and Midwest.

Again Pat, and I want to thank you for figuring out how to get this deal done, getting the Hurstbourne mayor, getting a local architect. working with us to keep our three hundred million guy in background, dealing quickly so everyone knows what needs to get done.. all you and it brought the deal home.

Looking forward to the next one. You are the best.



Rick Lewellyan
Tenant Rep Lucky’s Market

Mr. Howard Ball,

Since meeting Howard Ball, and the Altus team, at East West Shops, Austell, Ga, a shopping center with a vacant La Fitness that the team was managing and leasing. Mr. Ball’s experience enabled ownership on both sides to quickly come to lease terms, and lease execution.

Because of their experience, Aspire decided to use their services in 2016. Altus has provided Aspire Fitness with unmatchable insights and ideas for our company’s growth model. From site selection to lease execution, Altus has been knowledgeable and concise every step of the way. Their rolodex and relationships are amongst the best in the industry. However, that pales in comparison to their most important characteristic: they care!



Aspire Fitness Principal

Mr. Howard Ball,

Howard, I would like to let you know that I have had many landlords and you have done everything you have told me you were going to do and I appreciate that. You have kept the expenses low and followed through with other promises that you made when I signed the lease. If you ever need a reference as a landlord feel free to have someone call me. Derrick Seebohm (My Friends Place)



Derrick Seebohm

Mr. Howard Ball,

I wanted to take a minute to say thank-you for everything you have done to help me and our company. I met you in 2010 when our company was in search of a place to put our gym. It’s been 3 yrs (wow time passes so fast). I have dealt with several agents and management companies over the years, but you stand out and above all. From day 1 you have been very professional, honest and upfront. From our original meeting, you have gotten things done. From helping us with the build out, ordering equipment, offering professional resources, marketing and helping us network with other gm owners to help enhance our business.

I really want to thank you for working with us financially because of the ups and downs of our business.
You have been a blessing by allowing our company the flexibility to catch up on payments that have been late or missed. You have always believed in us as a company knowing that we will settle everything we owe. That to me is huge because now management companies don’t take the time to get to know who their tenants are. When you did. You treat our company and me as a business partner, which makes me work harder and smarter to ensure our future stability and financial growth.

Howard, I am truly thankful that you have been so helpful in so many ways. There should be more people like you in this world!

Thanks for everything looking forward to a prosperous year with you.



Derek Taylor
OPT Wellness

Mr. Howard Ball,

I want to take a moment to thank you. As you know, when we came to you mid-summer of 2010, we were looking for a new location that would be more favorable to our business. We were just a few days from having to renew/resign our existing lease and if we did not only a few weeks from having to be out existing premise before being on a month-to-month basis (on what we expected would be unfavorable terms). We were excited about the opportunity to be at 690 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Suite 200, in Roswell, but we needed to make things happen fast.

You and your team came through for us. We negotiated and signed a lease in just a few days, and together we laid out an accelerated build-out schedule. with your help and your contracting team’s focused services,
we were able to complete a full build-out, get a CO and begin our move within the required 30 days. We moved over a 4 day period and were operating at our new location after just 5 weeks with 2 only days of down-time. We had been concerned that we might be unable to me this aggressive schedule, but everything was accomplished with few issues

Since moving into our space at 690 Holcomb Bridge Rd, we have been happy with the location and the support and services that you and your team have provided. You and everyone on your team have been good to work with and have been supportive of our needs, especially whenever something urgent has come up.

Again, we are happy with our location and your services, and we look forward to a long business relationship.

Best regards,


Dave Wassmer
Franchise Owner

Mr. Howard Ball,

Howard Ball was instrumental in the Brasserie Provence project development

From the first day we met, Howard showed interest and was willing to work out any details in order for my restaurant project become a reality and to be successful. Howard went through the business and marketing plans and gave us the opportunity to receive a sum of $100,000 in landlord money in order to help us in the reconstruction of the space. This money was judiciously spent for construction projects inside the restaurant space under his approval. Howard was also able to meet my rent and CAM needs enabling me to open the restaurant without tremendous financial hardship, which could have been damaging to my new and unique independent business.

Additional, Howard was very involved in the much needed outside renovation of the entire shopping center.
His architect and construction teams worked very closely with me to provide a timely construction schedule and a design that was compatible with my restaurant style.

Furthermore, Howard had the roof completely redone and the HVAC replaced before our opening date.

Since we opened two months ago, Howard has shown continued support and encouragement as our success will be part of the shopping center’s success.



Guy Genoud
President LeMistral, Inc